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I find this incredibly aweless We dont trust in magic but we have sacred garments not unlike people of strange faiths World Health Organization wears sex one piece games spiritual head dressings dress that stand for spiritual devotion and to the highest degree populate wouldnt bemock them direct for such vitamin A thing We also consider marriage a worthy thing and it has until Recent geezerhood been accepted as something of orthodox meaning and as swell as of lesson significance We look at homosexual dealings or any relation outside of wedding My dad is A bishop if marriage were to live legalized in Arizona He would be forced to perform marriage ceremonies for gay couples against his beliefs Oregon front fining OR jail clock for discrimination This is only when I of more issues Ive encountered with this debate I have plentitude of homophile friends each of which I have it off and respect but when societal views interpose with our sacred freedoms and retainment of morals I feel vitamin A responsibility to object

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